Shivam Series watercolor paintings Shivam#7

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Shivam Series akvarel malerier Shivam#7 er et af de 7 lille akvarel malerier på 13 x 18 cm papirer.

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Shivam Series akvarel malerier Shivam#7 er et af de 7 lille akvarel malerier på 13 x 18 cm papir. Det serie var inspireret fra de shivalingam og Gud Shivas skulpturer der ligger i forskellige steder i verden.

About #Shivam series paintings:

The Shivam series is a tribute to Lord Shiva. The series shows a range of Shiva Lingam stones from different places in the world. The stone points to male energy and the circle on top of which the stone sits is called Yoni which points to female energy. Shiva Lingam stones are said to bring balance between the man's actions and the woman's knowledge. It is a stone that opens your mind to other ways of solving problems. Some of the Shiva Lingams in the series are man-made while some of them are Swayambhu or nature-created Lingams.

Shivam series paintings - Where are they from?:

  • #Shivam 1 is one such sculpture that shows what Lord Shiva looks like. He is the first yogi and you can see him meditating with his third eye open
  • #Shivam 2 is the world's tallest Shiva Lingam located in Kardo forest, Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh in India. Typically, one can see sculpture of a cow sitting right in front of a Lingam. The cow is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. This Shiva Lingam is a Swayambhu or nature-created Lingam
  • #Shivam 3 is the Atma Lingam of Mahabhaleshwara Temple, Gokarna in India. It is called Atma lingam because this lingam contains the soul of Lord Shiva. People touching the wheel on top of the Atma Lingam have said they could feel some kind of energy
  • #Shivam 4 is the Ice Lingam in Amarnath caves that is created naturally every year in winter. Then it is a kind of Swayambhu Lingam
  • #Shivam 5 is Tarakeshwar Lingam in West Bengal in India
  • #Shivam 6 is a naturally created Lingam in Ireland
  • #Shivam 7 is the Lingam of Kalyanasundaresar Temple in Nallur, Tamil Nadu in India. it is man-made Lingam. Yet people say that the Lingam changes color five times every day.


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