Kvindelig energi – kraften i tålmodighed og udholdenhed (Prints)

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Kvindelig energi – kraften i tålmodighed og udholdenhed : Dette 120 x 150 cm olie på lærred maleri er inspireret af en hinduistisk mytologi baseret på gudinden Lakshmi.

Prints available in USA, India and EU Countries

Feminine energy – The power of patience and perseverance – September 2021

This 120 x 150 cm oil on canvas painting is inspired by a Hindu mythology based on the Goddess Lakshmi. The initial discussions started in April 2021 and the painting took about 103 hours of effort. Three things that attracted me to this story were:

  • though it is from Hindu mythology not many knew this story and the internet had less information
  • no one had ever attempted to create a painting based on the story
  • though the story dates back thousands of years the metaphors seem relevant to today’s world

Backstory from the Hindu mythology: Story of Bilva Tree and Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is devoted in love to Lord Vishnu and is eager to marry him. However, Lord Vishnu’s power and position attracts many women / goddesses who are equally devoted to Him. It would be a challenge for Lord Vishnu to single out any goddess / woman as his life partner. At this stage, Goddess Lakshmi takes a crucial decision.

Goddess Lakshmi turns herself into a normal woman and goes to Srisailam Parbhat (Mountain) to do a penance in front of a Shivalingam (Lord Shiva). The penance goes on for millions of years, yet she does not move from her place. She ultimately turns into a huge Bilva tree. The tree starts bearing flowers and fruits, which fall on the Shivalingam. Lord Shiva is touched by her patience and perseverance and blesses her that no matter how many devotees Lord Vishnu might have, only Goddess Lakshmi will always be Vishnu Pathni (Lord Vishnu’s wife).

This story is one of the many reasons why the Bilva tree is considered sacred.

The Science behind the Bilva Tree:

Bilva (botanical name: Aegel mermelos) belongs to Rutaceae family. The Bael tree or Bilva (in Sanskrit) is an ancient Ayurvedic tree known for its spiritual and medicinal importance.

The unripe Bilva fruit helps to cure disorders caused due to imbalances in the Vata and Kapha dosha. Due to its astringent, bitter and pungent taste, and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps increases Pitta and enhances digestion and other metabolic activities significantly.

Bilva is antil-inflammatory and is known to help various health conditions including peptic ulcer, arthritis, loss of appetite, respiratory problems, diabetes, diarrhea, constipation, and cholesterol.

Description of the Painting:

Based on this backstory, I have the Shivalingam placed in a scenic view of Srisailam mountains and Goddess Lakshmi in the form of a normal woman turned into a huge Bilva tree. The Bilva tree is covered with flowers and fruits that are also falling on the Shivalingam. This painting marks the successful completion of Goddess Lakshmi’s penance.

In Hindu mythology there is also a belief that the Bilva tree looks like Lord Shiva’s matted hair. Therefore, the superstructure of the Bilva tree in this painting has been created to mirror Lord Shiva’s head, his long hair, his back, and shoulders.


The story starts with a situation of uncertainty faced by Goddess Lakshmi. She decides to move out of her comfort zone and let go off her position as a Goddess. This normal woman then transforms into a huge tree bearing flowers and fruits. It is this feminine energy in each one of us that needs to be invoked to realize the full power of patience and perseverance.

Feminine energy: The word ‘feminine’ does not refer to the female gender. The ‘feminine energy’ is beyond gender and is within all of us. During times of distress and uncertainty, it is this feminine energy within us that gives us the clarity of direction and gives us the strength to be patient and persevere towards our goals in life.

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13×18 cm / 5×7″, A4 21×29.7 cm / 8×12″, A3 (29.7 x 42 cm), A2 (42 x 59.4 cm)


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