Attract Abundance with Adi Lakshmi Artprints

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Attract abundance with Adi Lakshmi is a 40×50 cm oil on canvas painting showing Adi lakshmi in the form of a little girl from Germany. This is a 13 x 18 cm art print version on photo paper.

Prints available in the US, India & EU Countries.
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Attract Abundance with Adi Lakshmi Artprints

Attract abundance with Adi Lakshmi is a 40×50 cm oil on canvas painting showing Adi lakshmi in the form of a little girl from Germany. This is an art print version on photo paper.

About the Art work:

The artist Gomathi Siva Sankaran combines traditions and cultures in her paintings to create a positive social impact that celebrates diversity. This is one of 8 paintings in this attract abundance series. I have tried to create an unique series using the images of 8 small girls coming from 8 different countries to celebrate diversity and empower girl children while we celebrate all forms of the Goddess

Attract abundance with Ashta Lakshmi

This series of 8 oil on canvas paintings (45×50 cm) is about the 8 Indian goddesses Ashtalakshmi. Ashta is a Sanskrit word and means number 8 and Lakshmi is the goddess known for attracting abundance. Abundance is more than prosperity. It comes through achieving a correct balance in life. The 8 incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi represent the various ways of attracting abundance in one’s life. Therefore, there are 8 different forms of Goddess Lakshmi which help in attracting different forms of abundance. It is normal to see the Indian gods with several arms and sitting on top of a lotus flower.

Why do they have multiple arms?

That’s because to attract abundance one needs:

  • to work hard and
  • to have access more tools

Therefore, each individual goddess shows all the important things you need to attract abundance

Why are they sitting on top of lotus flower?

Mostly there are two lotuses. The pink and the blue.

  • The pink lotus is a symbol of the enlightened mind, which grows in mud (pollution of material nature) but rises above the water to open to the light of the Sun
  • The goddesses stand or sit on the lotus because they appear in the enlightened minds and hold the lotus as a sign of purity and aspiration to become enlightened beings
  • Some goddesses hold or sit on a blue lotus (nilotpala), which symbolizes the universal potential for spiritual unfoldment and enlightenment.

The artist has tried to portray diversity. That’s why we have goddesses from 8 different countries:

Ashta lakshmi or the 8 forms of Lakshmis:
  • Adi lakshmi (the first form) comes from Germany
  • Dhanya lakshmi (Goddess of crops) comes from Denmark
  • Dhairya lakshmi (Goddess of courage and bravery) comes from Africa
  • Gaja lakshmi (Goddess of positivity) comes from China
  • Santhana lakshmi (Goddess of children or progeny) comes from Australia and the child is from multi culture
  • Vijaya lakshmi (Goddess of success) comes from America
  • Vidya lakshmi (Goddess of knowledge) comes from the Middle East
  • Dhana lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) comes from India
The Creative Journey:

Somewhere in the mid of 2022, I had thought of creating a small series of paintings and I was contemplating working on either the Ashta Lakshmis or the Nava Durgas. Each time I started with the research, I was only going in circles until I heard about the Shree Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja ceremonies. In August 2022 the ideas seemed to start falling into place. Then I just created a small project plan to paint the Ashta Laksmi images and place them in Shree Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja ceremonies to attract abundance.

Then I asked myself as to why should such paintings be done at all in the first place! These images are well-known and are readily available on the internet to purchase or even download free of cost!!! Then why paint? I’ve been so lucky to have such friends and customers that have supported me in my growth contantly. And this here was the first sign of attracting abundance when I received this idea from my customer to consider painting these images in the form of little girls coming from different countries, so we not only celebrate attracting abudance but also celebrate diversity and empower the girl child 🙂

Then the research took a new turn finding ideal girl child images that can truly represent these Goddesses. We had short-listed about 15 to 20 images of girl children coming from so many different cultural backgrounds from websites such as shutterstock. Narrowing down to the final eight and matching them to each of the Goddesses was a challenge. It was only after I had done about 60% of the paintings that I realised the focus should also be given to the jewellery. If these girls were to wear traditional jewellery, then research needs to be done on each of the eight countries.

Throughout this process, I sensed that there was some kind of positive energy pulling me towards the finish line. It took me from August 2022 until December 2022 to finish all 8 paintings. Along the line,

  • there were technical glitches while recording (because the decision was also to make these artworks available in tutorial format),
  • I had been constantly coughing (for no reason whatsoever),
  • since it was winter-time lighting was always a challenge
  • our team had resource challenges, as well

In spite of all the odds, I saw myself sailing through and creating these unique pieces of artwork. It will be appropriate to say that I felt blessed that these artworks chose me to be the artist!

The way to Atrracting Abundance:

Once the paintings were getting ready, me and my friend started setting up the 9-week Shree Vaibhava Lakshmi pooja ceremonies to kind of place each of these paintings for prayers and create a collective energy around the same. What was supposed to be small 9-week prayer ceremonies turned out to be immense events spreading positive energies. We ended up recording all these events, as well.

We learnt that we were actually attracting abundance in the form of knowledge, positive experiences and relationships. We ended up creating our own version of the transliteration and instruction book in English language on how to do such ceremonies and attract abundance. This was something beyond any thought process of an artist and I am so thankful again that the cosmos chose us to be the ones to share this message. More on attracting abundance and access to free copies of instruction books in the following link:

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