Attract abundance with Ashta Lakshmi A4 print

5 Easy Steps to Attracting Abundance while celebrating diversity

5 Easy Steps to Attracting Abundance while celebrating diversity

To glide into positivity and to attract abundance in everyone’s lives in the most unique and simplest way is what we at TheGLAC Studio focus on.

We are more than happy to take you all through this lovely journey along with us. To take you on a spiritual journey is not just connecting you with just yourself, but also to feel it around you along with everyone in this universe. Here, we would like to share with you one of the spiritual practices that has been followed in the traditional Indian homes for generations to keep the spirit up and to bring in loads of love, positivity and peace. We want to take you all through this spiritual ride, by opening up that secret box. This is what we want to embrace and enlighten you all through this blog.

Spiritual practices have been passed on through generations via written scripts, through stone carvings, by practice and through word of mouth. But realizing this for the very first time, only a few months ago, I was just taken aback by how simple and easy this has always been and it is!!! Having received only positive experiences just after 9-11 weeks of practice, I would like to share this magic with you all, to be on this journey together.

Though we stumbled upon the texts from books, wwere blown away by the facts, which of course cannot be grasped by a vast majority of people just because it existed in a local language. So, here we are sharing with you all, that path to attract abundance, so we all benefit from it together. 😊

The pages from the good old books are attached below for the fellow curious readers

Step 1: Understanding the tools needed

Listed below are the basic items that are normally used in any household for the prayer:

  • Utensils made of copper or brass being good conductors of electricity and having the ability to combine with other metals, are chosen as core utensils that can help in spreading the positive energy that we create during the prayer
  • Flowers such as jasmine, rose, lotus, marigold and tulsi that have medicinal values and that are fragrant are chosen along. Also, sweets and locally grown fruits are placed for the offering
  • The most interesting part about this prayer is that you invite your friends, family and your well-wishers as well. Through this, you are just building the collective consciousness which is the key ingredient to attract You will also share a copy of the instruction book on how to do this prayer with your guest as a gift.
  • Find this simple list in the “Things needed” section in the English version of the instruction book that can be downloaded freely from the link below
Step 2: The images of abundance and diversity

Goddess Lakshmi is always equated to all such positive propensities of life. Lord Ganesha (the Elephant God) is known as the remover of all the obstacles. Hence, visual representations of the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are used in this prayer ceremony.

 In this way, we celebrate empowered women in the form of Goddess Lakshmi. Here, Goddess Lakshmi is represented in 8 different forms and hence known as Ashtalakshmi. Ashta means eight. Ashta Lakshmis are 8 Goddesses that are celebrated and prayed for all the positive propensities of life such as good health, wealth, happiness, good food, courage, victory, knowledge, children and family.

While we were putting things together for this ceremony, we were also thinking deeply as to what is stopping us today from attracting abundance?

All the global conflicts showing up on the news, social media feeds and all sorts of visuals all the time, are proven as sources depleting energy in our lives. We start our day with differences and the challenges that are tied to them. But how do we shift our energy, amplify and recreate our vision of abundance?

That is when, we came up with this idea that we need to shift the visuals, recreate the world, reimagine not only to celebrate diversity, appreciate and be thankful for all goodness that comes along, but also to stand together as global citizens. These paintings are just a representation that WE ARE THE SAME irrespective of color, race, and religion. The need of the hour is that we visualize and celebrate diversity, so we grow our emotional intelligence to attracting abundance in today’s world.

You may have images of all or any one of the Lakshmis for your prayer. I have tried to create a unique series using the images of 8 small girls coming from 8 different countries to celebrate diversity and empower girl children while we celebrate all forms of the Goddess:

* Adi lakshmi (the first form) comes from Germany

* Dhanya lakshmi (Goddess of crops) comes from Denmark

* Dhairya lakshmi (Goddess of courage and bravery) comes from Africa

* Gaja lakshmi (Goddess of positivity) comes from China

* Santhana lakshmi (Goddess of children or progeny) comes from Australia and the child is from multi culture

* Vijaya lakshmi (Goddess of success) comes from America

* Vidya lakshmi (Goddess of knowledge) comes from the Middle East

* Dhana lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) comes from India

You are welcome to check out our website for these original paintings and look into the options to buying prints which will be put up soon 😊

Step 3: Preparing your home for attracting abundance

The little extra secret about attracting abundance is really making the space for abundance to enter your home! So, yes!!! All you need to do is to keep your home clean and tidy. Then you place all the things along with the images, east facing(for happiness to rise just like the sun) in your home to get started with the attract abundance project 😊

Links to videos of such prayer ceremonies are available in the link below, wherein we visually explain the preparation process

Step 4: Practical Do’s and Don’ts

These prayers are to be done on Friday evenings (sunset your local time) for 9 or 11 continuous weeks. Consistency is the key to any success, and it goes for attracting abundance too!

All practical points are covered in the first section of the instruction book

Step 5: Conducting the event
  • The first part of the prayer is you are basically calling all these Goddesses using prayer bell, incense sticks, camphor flowers, fruits, and sweets
  • Then you energize the water with your hand by calling all the rivers that you know. You are basically using all the elements of nature to invoke the process of attracting abundance
  • You can choose to sing any positive song that you prefer or just listen to the choices we have provided
  • There are 108 different names of this Goddess of wealth that you call out to
  • You conclude your prayer by gifting your guest with a simple gift and a copy of instruction book, thereby wishing for others to do well. When you wish well for others too is when you are vibrating at a higher level of positivity 😊

You can either say these positive words or verses yourself reading it out loud from the instruction book or play one of our videos and perform the tasks mentioned. It should take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes. Yes! It doesn’t take that much time at all!!! Just keep in your mind on all the positivity that you are to manifest and visualize that you are receiving the same already 😊

Together, let us attract abundance!!!

Download your free copy of the instruction book and the Maha Yantra here

Download your free copy of Kolam Inspirations

This is a traditional decoration or drawings done on the floor with the help of dots. Kolam or Rangoli (decorations with colors) are an integral part of any such pooja ceremony. It is a symbol of positivity to do such a Kolam in front of the Goddess with the help of rice flour.

Nowadays, we do get a lot of colored powders for this purpose in shops. However, the main reason why we do such a Kolam with rice flour is that we even want small insects and ants to eat. We place the fruits, and sweets on top of the Kolam. 

This particular collection of kolam was created by my mother Late. Mrs. Meenakshi Sundari Siva Sankaran, somewhere in the 1970’s. She starts with a simple 3×3 dot kolam and gradually shows how to increase the number of dots and build in a variety of Kolams. 

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Attract abundance with Ashta Lakshmi and Dancing Ganesha A4 prints
Attract abundance with Ashtalakshmi & Dancing Ganesha
Attract abundance with Ashta Lakshmi A4 print
Attract abundance with Ashtalakshmi
Attract abundance with Ashta Lakshmi and Leaf Ganesha A4 prints
Attract abundance with Ashtalakshmi & Leaf Ganesha
Attract abundance with Ashtalakshmi and Bilva Lakshmi A4 Artprints
Attract abundance with Ashtalakshmi & Bilva Lakshmi

WATCH our pooja videos for video instructions and LIVE DEMO of the ceremony