The GLAC Studio Kalendar 2023 Free Download

The GLAC Studio ønsker alle godt nytår 2023!

Vi glæder os til at præsentere GLAC studerendes kunst kalender som er en samling af vores studerendes kunstværk. Bare tryk på knappen og downloade jeres fri kopi nu 🙂

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This page is a treat and a tribute to all the efforts made by our GLAC Art Students 🙂

The beginnings:

GLAC Art Students start their individual art journey by choosing their own subject matter to work on. This helps them stay motivated and focus on building their own ability to get creative, without having to compare their artwork with that of the others.

The pace of learning:

Art is an universal language and the way each one approaches this lanugage is unique. Hence, it is the GLAC Art Student that decides and sets the pace of his or her own learning experience.

The materials:

The GLAC Art Students get to work on oil paintings on canvas. Typically, they get started with a simple 20×20 cm canvas with basic student-level oil paints. Slowly and steadily they move on to work on larger canvases. They own their materials, and therefore, they also learn how to maintain the same. 

The creative journey:

The GLAC Art Students creative journey follows through naturally when they find their own genre of interest. Whether it is flowers, nature, animals, modern art, abstract art og any other form, they get a fair chance to explore all possibilities. The moment they find their peace and inner happiness in a certain type of artwork, they know what they want to work on. In the beginning it is me as a guide helping them find their interest. Soon, they involve their parents or friends in choosing their subject matter and eventually move on to confidentally attempt or pursue their own interests.

The finishing touch:

Even with their first attempt, the GLAC Art Students learn how to check for errors and finalize a painting. So, it becomes their second nature to give the finishing touch and sign off their own paintings. They also learn how to price their artwork and prepare the same for sale when the time comes. There is also a possibility for the GLAC Art Students to sell their original artwork or prints or both via the GLAC Studio’s website. In 2023, we are also planning to have an exhibition in Augustenborg, Denmark, wherein some of our GLAC Art Students’ artwork will be placed. Our GLAC Art Students decide for themselves whether their own paintings will be placed as a private artwork for display or will be placed for sale. Every year, we release the GLAC Studio’s calendar that showcases all their artwork.