The GLAC Studio Printable Wall Calender 2024

The GLAC Studio Printable Wall Calendar 2024 Free Download

The GLAC Studio wishes you all a happy new year 2024!

Download your free copy of our first printable wall calender of our GLAC Art Students here.

The GLAC Studio Printable Wall Calendar 2024

This page is a treat and a tribute to all the efforts made by our GLAC Art Students and Parents 🙂

The year that has gone by:

Year 2023 has been an year of amazing learning and growth to both the GLAC Studio and its students.

  • It was the first time we had about 30 students attending our summer camp in weeks 26, 31 and 32
  • collaborating with we conducted 4 summer fun events wherein close to 50 students participated in the four weeks in July 2023
  • The GLAC Art Students had 3 Art Exhibitions with KunstPunkt, Augustenborg in 2023
  • The first ever large project/contract for the GLAC Studio happened with Augustenborghallerne, Cafeteria wherein 19 students made their paintings on ‘Sports’
  • All these wouldn’t have been possible without the extensive support by the Parents, who have helped with the preparation of canvases for exhibit, getting the students to the events and even helping with the running of the exhibitions.

The beginnings:

GLAC Art Students start their individual art journey by choosing their own subject matter to work on. This helps them stay motivated and focus on building their own ability to get creative, without having to compare their artwork with that of the others.

The pace of learning:

Art is an universal language and the way each one approaches this lanugage is unique. Hence, it is the GLAC Art Student that decides and sets the pace of his or her own learning experience.

The materials:

The GLAC Art Students get to work on oil paintings on canvas. Typically, they get started with a simple 20×20 cm canvas with basic student-level oil paints. Slowly and steadily they move on to work on larger canvases. They own their materials, and therefore, they also learn how to maintain the same. This year, we have also branched out to pencil sketching. Students now get to choose even the medium of art.

The creative journey:

The GLAC Art Students creative journey follows through naturally when they find their own genre of interest. Whether it is flowers, nature, animals, modern art, abstract art og any other form, they get a fair chance to explore all possibilities. The moment they find their peace and inner happiness in a certain type of artwork, they know what they want to work on. In the beginning it is me as a guide helping them find their interest. Soon, they involve their parents or friends in choosing their subject matter and eventually move on to confidentally attempt or pursue their own interests.

The finishing touch:

Even with their first attempt, the GLAC Art Students learn how to check for errors and finalize a painting. So, it becomes their second nature to give the finishing touch and sign off their own paintings. They also learn how to price their artwork and prepare the same for sale when the time comes. There is also a possibility for the GLAC Art Students to sell their original artwork or prints or both via the GLAC Studio’s website. We have also started selling our Students artwork directly in the Augustenborghallerne, Cafeteria exhibit.

Planning for Year 2024:


Our GLAC Art Students are way ahead of their timeline 🙂 In November 2023 some of them started working on the next project – “International Womens’ Day”. The paintings from this project will be featured in our upcoming art exhibition in March 2024 at the KunstPunkt, Augustenborg.

We also have the Augustenborghallerne, Cafeteria space booked for March-April 2024. In case you have missed the current exhibition on the Sports Arts Project, you will get a second chance here 🙂

We are in discussions a possible exhibitor in Germany who is interested in getting our GLAC Art students’ artwork to be exhibited.

 We look forward to collaborating with organizations that intend to support children in their art journey and want to add value to their walls through our artwork.